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When it comes to social media connections for beauty, lifestyle and wellness brands, it is important to have that personal touch that piques the interest of your target audience.


Drawing from our marketing experience and our passion for the lifestyle industry, we craft strategies for our clients that are aligned with their key brand messages. We ensure that every piece of content is customer-centred and that will allow them to elevate interest in their brands where it matters.


A successful social media strategy must provide not only static organic (non-paid-for) content, but also a wide scope of features that also include video and paid features that will help you create exciting profiles that immediately will make your clients want to engage with you and find more about your services offered.


We create solutions that are rooted in your business goals, ensuring that you can achieve the right outcomes with social media engagement, while also enhancing awareness for your beauty, lifestyle and wellness brand.


Social media management


We create perfect strategies to confidently community with your target audience. We will create content, and manage every aspect of your social media profile, including scheduling, responding to comments, questions and queries. We will draw up monthly analytics and feedback reports, ensuring you are fully in the know about your social channels’ performance.

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Influencer marketing


Want to partner with a leading influencer for your brand? We will connect you with the right figures in your industry, facilitate the process and help you to leverage key professional relationships to create credibility for your brand.

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Social media strategy


Let’s work together to create social media solutions that are goal-driven and that will allow you to have a clear plan for your social media channels. From pre-planning, creating key content pillars to brand guides, we can do it all!

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TikTok creation


Ready to add your brand’s content to a fun and immersive platform? Let us help you create engaging content with a luxury edge to your TikTok profile. We will assist you with great content that aligns with the fun-filled character of this channel, while adding that expert touch to position your brand optimally.

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