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Having a marketing consultant in your corner can be helpful when clarifying your goals, creating strategy and mapping out your journey.


This is where IRAWO Media makes a difference: we provide marketing consulting for clients needing a fresh approach to their marketing strategy.


As specialists in beauty marketing and wellness brand consulting, we understand the importance of setting up the right marketing strategy to ensure you achieve the results that you need for your brand.


Therefore, we take extra care to understand the desired goals and needs of the brands we work with taking into account your pain points and what you need to achieve for your brand.


Then, we carefully map out solutions for your projects and when required, assist with the execution of the plan.

Social media


Want to grow your social media channels’ follower bases? Not sure if you need to update your marketing strategies? We would be happy to assist you with a review! Contact us


Paid ads


Your social media paid ads are some of the most powerful marketing tools that you can have. So, let us unpack during our marketing consulting how you can leverage every piece of content in the best way. Contact us




Not sure if your website is making the grade in terms of being optimised for search? Let us take a look to determine where you could improve. Contact us


Creative content


Want to ensure that your beauty or wellness brand content is optimised to be easily searchable and discoverable by your target audience? Let’s review your social media networks! Contact us

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